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Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
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Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Overview

The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology concentration provides students with the necessary electrical and mechanical background to enable them to tackle and solve practical electro-mechanical and related problems in various types of industrial settings. Several commercial, industrial, and military equipments consist of electrical and mechanical components that work together to realize the equipment’s functionality. It is, therefore, necessary to educate students into the workforce with the proper understanding of the interaction between electrical and mechanical systems. The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology concentration is, therefore, designed to provide students who desire to enter the industrial world as electrical and mechanical engineers/scientists/specialists with the skills and academic foundations that will enable them to find employment and career opportunities in this ever growing sector of engineering. Graduates will be prepared to pursue graduate school in several technical and management disciplines. Nationwide, there are currently few graduates with an electro-mechanical background. Thus, graduates from the major will have excellent job prospects. Graduates with knowledge and understanding of both electrical and mechanical systems can be employed in almost all industrial, commercial, and military equipment manufacturers such as the automotive industry.

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