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Geographic Information Sciences and Technology
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Geographic Information Sciences and Technology Overview

GIS and related technologies are now widely used in government agencies, private businesses, citizens groups, and research institutions. As the demand for these technologies has grown, and as their applications have diversified, the field concerned with the development and use of these technologies has also evolved. Today, GIS software is only one component of a broad domain that is referred to as Geographic Information Science & Technology (GIS&T). GIS&T is composed of three interrelated sub-domains: Geographic Information Science (GIScience), Geospatial Technology, and Applications of GIS&T.

The articulated set of courses in GIS&T will allow students to build their knowledge and practical expertise in the field of GIS, Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System, and other related technologies. Students will also be acquainted with the theoretical issues in GIS&T. Students will learn to understand various kinds of spatial data, computer tools, and data quality considerations that are important in using this technology in decision making. Students undertaking this major will develop their knowledge and understanding through formal course work.

Homeland Security Science and Technology concentration is designed to educate specialists in homeland security technology. Concentration has a number of required geographic information systems (GIS) and cartography classes since we believe that GIS tools will be heavily used in any future homeland security activity, from border protection, disaster recovery, evacuation route planning, infrastructure, and communication preparedness. Knowledge of geospatial technologies and principles is, in our view, a skill that homeland security professional must have in the future. Other classes give students practical knowledge in other technologies used in homeland security so they are able apply GIS expertise in homeland security or work as security technology managers.

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