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Dr. David K. Addae, Program Leader

This Master's degree program, offered jointly through Alcorn State University (ASU) and Mississippi State University (MSU), will prepare graduates to become facilitators of workforce, industry, and community change that will meet the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele. The main objective of this program is to train students to be employed in workforce education leadership positions at rural community colleges. Courses offered only at ASU may be taken by distance education by MSU students and vice versa. That is, students at either university are encouraged to take some of their courses at the other institution, usually via distance education techniques. (Each institution's name will appear on each diploma.) The program is designed to prepare students to become effective leaders in a variety of rural educational settings, business and industry.

Thus, they will:
master the necessary concepts to think critically about how organizations function,
learn a range of methods to diagnose the needs of particular individuals and programs they serve,
develop the leadership skills and technological competencies required to propose and effectuate interventions to help organizations and communities become more effective, and
acquire the research and management skills needed to assess the usefulness of their interventions in order to modify and improve them accordingly.

WEL Program of Study

ASU WEL Program Courses

I Required Courses (12 hrs.)
IE 500 Research in Indus. & Occ. Education----(3 hours)
IE 579 Federal & State Job Training Programs----(3 hours)
IE 590 Voc. Admin. Certif. Course (or) TKT 8263 Phil. and Admin. of Vocational Education (MSU option)----(3 hours)
IE 586 Qualitative Research Design----(3 hours)
TKT 8233, TKT 6733, TKT 8763, TKT 8723 (MSU option)----(3 hours)

II Electives (24 hours) to be chosen by student under the supervision and approval of his or her Advisor.
IE 519 Industrial Management & Organization Behavior----(3 hours)
IE 552 School-to-Work Initiatives----(3 hours)
IE 578 Welfare-to-Work Programs----(3 hours)
IE 548 Internship in Workforce Development----(3 hours) (or) TKT 8200 Intern. in Voc. Ed. (MSU option)----(3 hours)
TI 552 Instructional Planning in Indus. & Voc. Programs----(3 hours)
TI 501 History & Philosophy of Industrial Education----(3 hours)
IE 508 Manufacturing Planning and Control----(3 hours)
TI 550 Delivery of Instruction in Ind. & Voc. Ed.----(3 hours)
IE 598 Planning Instructional Programs for Out-of-School Groups----(3 hours) (or) AECAIS 8523 Teaching Out of School Groups (MSU option)----(3 hours)
IE 508 Rural Economic & Community Development----(3 hours)
IE 526 Princ. & Obj. Evaluation of Voc. Edu. Students----(3 hours)

Approved Alternate/Substitute Courses
PH 513 Advanced Educational Psychology
TKT 6733 Managing Multimedia Learning Environment
TKT 8233 Career Planning & Decision Making
TKT 8763 Seminar in Planning Instructional Technology

Application and Registration Process
The admissions process for this program has been designed so that the student will complete only one admissions application packet. Acceptance in this program will require that student complete an admissions application through the Alcorn State University Department of Advanced Technologies or Mississippi State University. Therefore, it is very important that a primary institution is marked in Section II of the application. If ASU is marked as the primary institution, Alcorn State admissions requirements must be met and the admissions decision will be made by ASU. Likewise, if MSU is marked as the primary institution, Mississippi State admissions requirements must be met and the admissions decision will be made by MSU. Therefore, all WEL applicants must first be admitted to the Graduate School at their chosen primary institution and clear all holds prior to registration. Please contact your specific department for academic advising. Any exceptions in course requirements must be approved through your academic department and WEL Program advisor. The Operations Unit at Mississippi State University will collect the completed packets from the ASU Graduate School via the ASU Admissions/Contact person and forward a duplicate copy to the ASU WEL Program contact person. The contact persons at each school will complete the registration process for each student.

ASU Admissions/Contact Person:
Lisa Augustine
School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
1000 Alcorn Drive #690
Alcorn State, MS 39096-7500
Phone: 601-877-6137
Fax: 601-877-6219

MSU Contact for WEL Application:
Amy Wallace
MSU Division of Academic Outreach & Continuing Education Operations
P.O. Box 5247
Mississippi State University, MS 39762
Fax: 662-325-3473

Download WEL Registration Form:

** Internships are offered to enrich your educational experience. The internship requirement may be waived for those students who can document experience comparable to the planned internship.

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